The ongoing typing lag...

… consists with 10.9.3. Scrivener was often affected by a typing lag, but with 2.5 and Mavericks it has become unbearable. Disabling autocompletion or tools, which are working well in other apps, may do the trick, but autocompletion is necessary for screenplays. So I give up, but would like to return to Scrivener and hope this can be fixed. Yes, I know, you blame “the OS” with the NSText system, but other apps that rely on that system do not show any slowdown. Maybe Scrivener is too bloated.

There are no known issues with typing lag - we haven’t had any issues reported with typing lag for a long time. With Mavericks, a few users reported that if you had auto-complete all words switched on, that could slow down typing, so that’s obviously something that slowed down in the text system in Mavericks. But that’s not something that’s standard in the text system anyway, so you wouldn’t encounter that in other apps. Scrivener is most certainly not too bloated, and features external to the editor have no effect on typing whatsoever.

Please contact support, so that they can walk you through troubleshooting steps, as it sounds as though you have something interfering with Scrivener on your system that is causing the issues.

For what it’s worth I am also on 10.9.3 but on an old 2008 iMac with 4Gb RAM. No lag and no slowness in the operation of Scrivener at all. I have experienced typing lag in a couple of apps over the years and it was always a memory or system problem, or a faulty app that was causing knock on problems.