The PDF file in Scrivener-mode looks different from the compiled version!


I have written a long text and formatted it in PDF.
Now I notice that the text I typed doesn’t look the same as the compiled PDF file. The font and font size, the leading are the same, but not the number of lines on one page…

The compiled PDF file has the same margins and yet that file has a single line on the next page, which is ugly. After all, it still belongs to that page. Everything is correct on my typed Scrivener- mode.

What exactly am I doing wrong?

Or should I not expect Scrivener to have a WYSIWYG option for PDF files?
See also the print screen I am sending!

Thanks for your time and attention!

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Absolutely not! That is one of the core design concepts of the software. It is designed around the premise that WYSIWYG is a horrible environment for creative writing, and that ideally one should not be bothering with layout management, typesetting, even typography and other detailing while writing.

It’s made for those that never have to bother with that stuff themselves (traditional publishing), or those that prefer to use dedicated software for that purpose, such as desktop publishing tools or other post-production workflows. The print/pdf tools are mainly there for quick proofing. (Ebooks are another matter entirely, as they are much simpler to create and have a much lower quality bar than print. We have pretty good ebook support!)

If you are down to the point of proofing for widows and orphans, whitespace rivers, poor hyphenation solutions and other points of finalisation, you are way past Scrivener’s intended feature set.


Thank you for your answer. I appreciate this greatly. I’m going to start with an E-book. Thanks again!