The Ranger - by Ace Atkins

Surprisingly good read. A cross between Faulkner and Elmore Leonard. Redneck Noir, filled with dangerously disturbed but interesting characters, from the rough and dangerous landscape of semi rural Mississippi. With more guns and shooters then an NRA backwoods convention.

This is the first of four in a series. I’m on the second book now - a guilty pleasure, with down and dirty villains and strong silent type vigilantes, and ample supplies of slutty vamps hanging around to offset the periodic R-rated blood and gore.

But I may be narrowly short-changing the experience he creates. I found myself immersed in his fictional small town Southern American landscape. He’s a gifted writer, who seems able to reside IN his fictional landscape, not looking down at it from an objective distance, but there in the 3-dimensional space he’s describing.