The return of lickable interfaces, today: The MouthPad!

Yes, really.

Looking forward to the incoming puns.

Like what? – Half my Scrivener project is gone after kissing my gf!

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A good couple of years ago I came across a similar article about this time some sort of hat with captors that, once calibrated, allowed the user to think what he wanted the computer to do.
I wonder what happened with that ?..

Most likely his wife entered the room.

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I meant move the pointer left or right. :wink:

Well, usually those gadgets are solutions in search of a problem. Cool in theory, but worse / slower / more cumbersome / more expensive than existing methods. (Does anyone really enjoy wearing those 3D “helmets”?)

Even if there’s a need, often the state of technology sucks most of the fun out of these devices. Would you be happy with five hours of battery life? (And two hours of recharging time?) Now imagine you have no hands and someone else has to swap the mouse in your mouth every couple of hours.

Batteries… tell me about it.

That is exactly why I’ve converted my FisherPricetm turntable into a mass data storage unit.

All it needs is a little cranking and I’m good for a system-wide backup restore.



How about that guy who got it right in his head?

Maybe there was plenty of room before.