The scariest thing I've ever seen in print.

Just got a reply back from an agent I queried at the beginning of May. I was pretty sure that by now the only replies I’d get from queries I sent back then would be rejections.

I was sitting at the dinner table when my iPhone boinked to let me know I had mail. We hadn’t started yet, so I looked and found the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in print.

“I enjoyed the first three chapters of your manuscript. I would like to look at the next few chapters! Please attach them as a Word (.doc) file to your response. I look forward to hearing from you.”

I sent back the next four chapters, which brings her to the middle of the book (not counting the epilogue).

I’m trying not to get my hopes up. Really trying. Failing utterly, but trying nonetheless.

It was nearly two months for the first three chapters, so I can probably expect at least that long for the next four… right? Getting my hopes up now has got to be completely premature.

[size=50]*Not posted in “I’m a Writer!” because I’m also trying really hard not to get ahead of myself.[/size]

Good luck!

It might be a little faster, because at least now you are not somewhere in the Big Stack. :slight_smile:

I just hope you haven’t sent it out to every publisher in Britain. If so, the agent will be livid.

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To have an Agent or not to have one, that is the question…

good luck

John Tranter

Is that the one where the hypothetical author has already tried every publisher so the agent says good luck at failing?

I haven’t sent it to any publishers. In Britain or elsewhere.

Well, congrats on getting the request for a partial!


Kendric, I’ll say this for you: you know how to write a provocative subject line! Maybe that also bodes well for your manuscript. But if a good-news message is the scariest thing you ever see in print, then you will be leading a charmed life. Good luck.

(PS: your agent may greatly prefer that you keep quiet about any deal in progress, rather than announcing it in a forum.)

This is a little stuff shirted isn’t it? All he said was “OH CRAP! THEY GOT BACK TO ME”. If he said “Agent Q at address blah decided that the wanted to read the next 3 chapters of my unpublished work One life spent annoying Druid” or disclosed some other info, then yeah. Bad move. Which I guess kind of agrees with you in advising K to be very careful what is posted about the deal.

Sorry, couldn’t resist the shirt comment.

Ah Jaysen, here we are back to our usual personas. Me shirt, you headless.
What I think you really miss are vic, molly, & sarah to play with.

Long, long ago (2007) we had an amazing character from Montreal called Eiron who wrote the funniest and also most curmudgeonly posts, but then he (I say “he” cautiously) said he was going into production on a play, and he vanished. Maybe he’s still lurking here; I do hope he’s OK and I certainly miss his voice and rollicking diatribes.

I do not understand vic’s mostly silence. I sent IMs to him and you and never got a response. :cry:

Yes, I am lonely. Even snort wish vic-k would get back into the action. sniff

I never received your PM. Let me see if I am “out of space” again.

Pretty much my intent. I’m excited about the reply, but I didn’t even mention the name of my project here. :wink:

Mr Kendrick.
Heartiest congratulations and the very best of luck with the rest of the project.

Messrs Jaysen and Droo,
Having to share the same Writers room with him, even if not the same keyboard now, I cant for the life of me, imagine why on earth you would want more vic-k participation on the forums. I would`ve thought, gentlemen, that counting your blessing was the order of the day.
Do take care,

And that’s that. It’s why I thought this was the scariest thing I’ve seen in print. It left me waiting for this:

Commiserations Mr Kendric

:open_mouth: :confused: Faint whiff of the oxymoronic there Mr. K. I`d frame that.

Every established writer/author will probably have a scrapbook full of rejections. Don`t let it dampen your enthusiasm. :wink:
Take care

Well, at least you made it that far. That’s progress. :mrgreen:

All I’m going to say to this is well done, and the agent will probably get back to you faster, but nothing is guaranteed.

Also, whenever I see advice from people about publishers and agents and how they work, I feel I have to say that every single agency and publisher is different. There are trends, but you never know.

Just enjoy the feeling and don’t listen to anybody wanting to dampen your spirits.

Joely xx