The Scrivener Default Novel Template needs to be updated (low importance)

Move topic at will. I wasn’t sure where this goes.

People shouldn’t be putting their full address on the manuscript title page.

The Title page should look like this instead.

I also thought that materials and docs for self-pub v. query needed to be updated a bit.

I also made a template list for Chapter so it cues to the manuscript folder, so I don’t have to type “CHAPTER” and reformat it.

I did a better version of the Locations template by souping it up to include things like civil engineering population demographics, thinks considered in walkability, etc.

I also upped the Character Sketch template to include things people might not think about.

And lastly I did a hierarchy of World Building folders to make it much easier and more efficient in the order they tend to teach it in Anthropology class/Sociology Class for things to think on. It’s flexible enough for Sci-Fi and Fantasy (also Historical Fiction, Horror, and so on). I created some of the icons from scratch, BTW. I probably should switch the gavel one and the Domestic Products icon to ones I made rather than found on the internet.

I suppose the last parts aren’t as important overall, but I do think the default template that comes with Scrivener should not encourage users to give out their physical mailing address. But you may want to consider adding things like a Agent Query List, Author Bio template, Elevator Pitch, Comps Query and Synopsis.

Is there a place to share templates here? Because I basically wrote a guide to self publishing as well in this template. And I kinda think this will be more useful than the current default Novel template. I kinda need to upload the zip file so I can include the icons and screenshots.

I also wanted to know if there was a way to get the project to remember the icons between computers without loading them into Scrivener every time I transfer computers? It would be good if they were preloaded… so I don’t have to make a .txt with the template.

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