The Scrivener Dictionary

Keith and Company — Scrivener’s Dictionary/Thesaurus is an incredibly wonderful assistant. Namaste.
I suggest a slight improvement in the way it could be used.
It would be wonderful if a writer could highlight a word (as now) and right click “Copy” (or “Insert”) and, returning to the manuscript, paste the newfound word over the highlighted one (as now). Except that the pasted newfound word would match the formatting/font in the manuscript. This would avoid having to highlight the newly inserted word and adjust the font, etc. to the manuscript formatting. (In most cases, I suspect, it would TNR 12-pt.)
As it is, it seems simpler and faster to type in the newfound word rather than copy, paste, and re-format.

Rather than using “Paste”, use “Paste and Match Style” and the word will have the formatting you want. (You can use a keyboard shortcut for that, or set your own keyboard shortcut in System Preferences.)