The Status Option (Below Info Panel)

I added five new Status Options to the Status Options List. I copied them in from Notepad (via iCloud) into my Scrivener V3 on my MacBook Air running OS Monterey. I then did the same on my main computer - a Mac mini running High Sierra. For reasons I won’t cover, I then deleted the updated Dropbox file on the Mini and replaced it with the new main file with the added Status Options. I went through the normal process to sync with my MacBook Air and I found that two of the five added Status Options showed the Status Option text twice. It was not possible to edit and amend. The remaining added Status Options were correct and unaffected.

If you replaced the entire project file, then most likely the Dropbox synchronization had nothing to do with it. The Status options you’re seeing are as they were in the replacement file.

You should be able to edit them via the Project → Project Settings → Status List tab. Double-click to edit, or click the +/- buttons below the list to remove and re-add.

Thanks. No…Dropbox had nothing to do with the problem.