The whole thing needs streamlined

Seriously. I’ve never used a more clunky and needlessly bloated/complicated writing tool. Back to Bibisco and Atticus until you actually make this software useable.

L&L’s new app will have “a more minimal UI”, so perhaps it will be more to your liking.


This could be debated.
I find it to be awesome as it is thought.


@HTenere. Thanks for the useful comments.

Out of the box to write using one of the provided-templates, is very stream-lined. Then compile using default settings can’t be any more stream-lined. Wonderful design, IMHO.

And then, as @Vincent_Vincent hints, the power is there to do even more.


Given the vast number of professional, published writers using it, I think this is somewhat unfair. But as mentioned, there is a slimline app on the way which may be a better fit for your requirements. Keep an eye out!

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