The word "Tool" is missing in the menu

I have download the trialversion for windows. It is exactly like the normal version, isnt it? Im going to buy it, but only if i have a soltion for this Problems:

  1. Some of the thinks are grey and I can`t click on them.
  2. In the line stand Files … But between Format and Windows the word tool is missng.

I first thought, that it is, because some things are diffrent in the trial version, but on this website ere stood, that theere is no diffrent. So I ask you for help and if you have a solution please answer. If I don`t have the tools i could not turn the correction on German and the programm marks al in red.

I hope you can help me.

PS: Sorry, Im German so my englisch isnt perfekt :slight_smile:

If a menu item is grey, that means it is not applicable to whatever Scrivener window you are working in.

And if I understand you correctly, you think there should be a Tools choice on the main menu between Format and Window. Why do you expect that? The user manual also mentions nothing about such a choice on the main menu.

Hi Finja,

The old Scrivener v1.9 used to have a Tools menu.

But the new Scrivener v3.0 does not have a Tools menu.

I suspect you are looking at screenshots or tutorials from the older version. :wink: