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Hi there,

I already saw in the forum that I am not the only one having a lot of trouble and no real solution for the theme management. I would love to change the colour of the binder without having the rest of the original colour on the left side which looks plain ugly. The only theme I can change to my liking is the default one which cannot be saved as a new theme.
So what can I do? I chose scrivener because I am writing full-time and need the perfect environment which I cannot create in Papyrus, Patchwork, writer’s cafe or Drama Queen. And yes I own all of them :smiley: but really would like to give scrivener a go.
Is ist somehow possible to locate the default theme and duplicate it to change it? I also tried one of the themes I found in the forum (thanks for that) in the hope it would be changeable but the problem remains as seen in the attached screenshot.

I am already spending way too much time figuring it out.

Thanks a lot

I totally understand about the aesthetics you mention here, but I have no solution.

However, Abbie Emmons loves aesthetics with a passion and has a lot of Scrivener themes available via links in her YouTube channel. Might I suggest, as an interim fix, that you check those out? She even has videos showing exactly how she changes the settings and the interesting ways she uses the Synopsis and Notes sections for other purposes, again for purely aesthetic reasons.

Perhaps you may find her tips useful?

For Windows Scrivener Themes, try this. It’s not for the faint of hart to change the theme-files…

Agreed. It can be done. :wink:

Nice colorpicker???

I saw her, yes, but her templates are for mac only and as far as I know there is no problem when it comes to Mac and themes. Thank you never the less :slight_smile:

A corpicker? What ist that?
Going so far as to install another software, learning it and trying to create a new theme with it - hmm not right now, need to finish three books this year and that would be like following the white rabbit. Which I do way to often :smiley:

What I just tried and found out is that the changes to the default theme will be kept as long as I don’t try another theme. I can even shut the laptop down. So this is good enough for the moment but I do hope for improvement. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Scrivener is all about separating the writing from the formatting. So writing the books shouldn’t be the problem. If the Midnight and DarkForest themes don’t count as the “perfect environment” how would your perfect Theme look like?

Ah, this is a misunderstanding. I wanted to say that I don’t have the time to play around with the themes because I need to do some writing, editing and proofreading. But that I prefer to do in a nixe environment and against the trend I find all the darker themes rather disagreeable - I cannot read the fonts clearly and I do tend to feel moody when looking at black, grey and darkest blue or green :smiley:
Mine is more of a duck egg with a lot of light blue, soft greyish-greenish. If I could I’d change the font in the bars to a soft middle bluegreen

I depend on colours to stay positive :smiley: That is the problem with most softwares: Almost never are people involved who really worked with colours and that is why I want to work with scrivener right now :slight_smile:


Is this image half a Theme? Or an impression of wat you’d like? I can produce thw Theme for you, but ik looks like you’re already there…

Your Duck Egg theme is beautiful, @Michou. It makes your writing look beautiful too. (Even though I cannot read German! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


I changed the default theme but cannot save it. And I cannnot change the task bar but can live with that :slight_smile: I there were a theme like this to keep that would be nice.

Thank you, Jim. And this way writing makes me happy in more than one way :slight_smile:

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I just learned that this indeed a bug and known to the development team. Right now there is no workaround except for changing the default theme and start anew after trying another theme.

If you modified the default theme by changing the internal CSS files, then yes these changes cannot currently be saved.

But if your modifications consisted only of tweaks to Scrivener settings via File > Options, then saving a .prefs file will back up your mods with your new theme.

Do this using File > Options > Manage > Save Options to file. This will create a .prefs file, which you can name accordingly (Duck Egg theme.prefs?). You can then reload your theme with File > Options > Manage > Load Options from file.

Of course, that process will save/load all your options, which may or may not be what you want.


I did that at first but it doesn’t load the colours …?

How did you modify the default theme? By making changes using File > Options?

Yes. I than saved it in every possible way and got a preferences file which could not be loaded because it was empty. I than changed the folder in which I saved it and it opened but none of the colours appeared.

Please try this:

File > Options > Manage > Save Options to file

Please be sure to select Save Options to File. I know this works, I’ve used it dozens of times to save & restore settings.

(Do NOT use Save Theme Options to File–I don’t know what that does or whether it works.)

You should be able to open the resulting .prefs file using Notepad, but don’t modify it. It should look something like this:

If you scroll through the .prefs file, you’ll find all your Appearance settings. These should contain your theme settings, which is what we’re trying to back up.

Can you please try this and let me know what the result is?


Will do this evening and get bakc to you. Where do I find this file?

The Save Options to file command mentioned in my post above will ask you where you want to save the resulting .prefs file. Store it somewhere on your hard drive, it doesn’t matter where, as long as you remember where you put it.