Themes/Modes Missing from "Manage"

Like it says on the tin.

I’ve been wanting to either use a dark theme or dark mode itself, but when I go to options>manage, there’s simply nothing there but Load/Save preferences.

I can change the background of the editor, but everything else- toolbars and such- are still glaring white and I have no option to import themes, either.

Am I missing a plug in or something? Or do I need to reinstall?

I’ve tried:

*making sure my license is active (It is)
*restarting (multiple times)

My version is 1.9.16 if that helps? Windows 10.

Any help would be appreciated- I’ve got migraines and getting dark mode for the whole program would help a LOT in meeting my deadlines.

Dark mode is available in the Beta 3, not the 1.9.x version.

Ah, thanks. Looks like I’ll be waiting a bit, then!