There are some oddities with Character Map

  1. If I accept the font offered (Arial), when I paste into Sitka 12pt, I get Sitka text but at 13pt.
  2. If I accept the font offered (Arial) and paste into another font, say Comic Sans, I still get Sitka text at 13pt.
  3. If I choose another font in Character Map, I get that font, and the font size varies, e.g. Myanmar text is 9pt.
  4. I always get a CRLF, line break, para, whatever you call it, and it is in MS Shell Dlg 2 8pt. (I have to copy and paste it several times to find that out.)
  5. The help button links to … windows-10

So, not a big deal. If the combo box is under your control, it might be nice to have a blank entry at the top to indicate no font, i.e. use the font where it is being pasted. Alternatively, select the combo box entry to match the font at the insertion point.

Tested on a baby .scriv project, Version: Beta (899097) 64-bit - 18 Apr 2020

In my case, I’ve got Noto Serif as the default font, and it pastes Arial as Noto Serif.

Verified here.

Yep. Para mark at 9 points, here.

The Character Map is part of the OS. It’s Microsoft’s tool. That webpage is nearly useless as a help dialog, tho.

I fear that dialog box may not be easily modified. I think using the Arial choice is likely best, and then Shift+Ctrl+V to paste the result into the existing font (Paste and Match Style).

It is a bit of a bug, but that dialog is MS’s. I’m not sure where the extra CR/LF is coming from (that part is likely Scrivener’s). I think Scrivener is expecting Arial, and flagging any other font for your notice with that MS Shell Dlg 2 CR/LF (at least, this is how it acts). This is not a terrible idea, although unexpected. Does the Mac version behave like this when its character viewer is used?

Ah, nice, and strips the terminating paragraph mark, too. Thanks.
Now I look closer, it is certainly a system dialog. The system icon in the top left is a key cap; all other floating Scrivener windows use the Scrivener logo. Additionally, it shows up as a separate task in the task bar.