There is no escape...

Pardon me if I’m stepping on someone’s previously written comment, but there is this very minor nit-pick…

I’ve found no keyboard escape from the ‘Project Targets’ pop-up window. I could use <alt/f4>, but that strikes me as an un-elegant means of exiting.

I like to pound away in text while in hyper mode, and having to pull away from the keyboard to find the mouse, mouse up to the pop-up and exit it can be distracting. Also, I know I could simply bring it up and leave it, but it does get in the way now and then.

Maybe on the 1.1

No, no, this is deliberately done to slow you down! :slight_smile:

You’re right, a way to close the targets window without moving from the keyboard would be great, and I think it may be implemented with some other shortcuts, but I’ll call attention to this specifically. On the Mac the shortcut works as a toggle, to open or close the project targets, so something similar might be possible for the Windows version.