"There" suggestions ?

I’m working with scriv - a fiction story - I use the blank template & go from there. The annoying little problem I keep getting is the use of the word “there”. When I use it (in correct context) I get the six little green dots under it which suggest I should use “their” when obviously that would be wrong.
Example ; “Just hold it right there, son!” Now obviously “their” wouldn’t be correct.
Can anyone help on this ?

Turn off grammar checking, or see if you can modify the rules. The green line is grammar not spelling. I have grammar turned off and never use it as it is so awful.

And generally I ignore most spelling underlines as they come from text imported from documents originating in machines with US-spelling; many others come from words I use which aren’t in the dictionary, so I ignore them too.


Mr X

I ignaw my spilling an gramma checha to. Donut sea no differunce, aye still rite good.

Are you snooping my email again?

Is she your paternal or maternal granny?

Thanks for the advice & for the laughs - there seems to be more settings in the Mac version or perhaps they aren’t as easy to find as on the Windows version.
Thanks again!

You can right-click on a grammar alert and disable that particular rule (at least in 10.9). I have no idea if that will broadly disable “their/they’re/there” checking across the entire Mac, or what, but you can at least get rid of the nuisance.

Yes, in general there are heaps more settings on the Mac version right now. But, in this particular case, this is just a Mac feature. You can enable grammar checking all over the place, even in Mail. It’s more like that three-finger tap feature to look up a word.