"There was a problem connecting to the server ""

I’m getting a frustrating error. Every time I try to use the File menu or move within my document I get a window claiming that "There was a problem connecting to the server “"” At first I thought this was a Google Drive problem but I suspect it’s something else. Any advice? I’m running Mac OS 12.6 (21G115) and Scrivener 3.2.3

You didn’t actually say why you “suspect it’s something else,” so I’m assuming your project folder is still on Google Drive. Move it out of Google Drive to a local location.

That will prove whether it’s Google Drive or not.

Regardless, you should not be using Google Drive to store project folders. It has been known to damage Scrivener projects. See this L&L advisory.


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“” is shorthand for “this computer”. It is how your computer refers to itself in contexts that would require an IP address. For example if you ran a web server on your computer, that is how you would connect to it in a browser.

That doesn’t really explain why you are getting the message, but what that address means anyway. Could be something you’ve imported into the project as a web page?

At any rate it is nothing Scrivener itself is programmed to do, nor anything it would “accidentally” do, so I can’t really give you a good answer from our angle.

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It’s a Drive thing.

I had it once on my Scrivener 3 Mac project, but it resolved itself as I restarted Drive.

What do you mean by Drive? Is it the name of a sync service?

I assume they’re referring to Google Drive, as it was mentioned in first couple of posts as a possible cause of OP’s challenges.

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