Thesaurus for iPad version of Pages

I am using the iPad mostly to do edits and revisions of my books, using Pages. I was wondering if anyone knows of a Thesaurus that plugs right into Pages on the iPad, one where I do not have to leave the application, the way I would have with the Dictionary/ app?

Thanks for any suggestions,

I have not heard of such a thing, and if I had to guess I would say it’s likely not possible at all. Applications on the iPad are, quite unlike the Mac, very isolated from one another. I know of one application that provides services to other application, TextExpander. However, that is entirely opt-in. Every single developer in the store that deals in text would have to code TextExpander support into their application in order to use it everywhere. Meanwhile TextExpander has to provide its own note taking interface—basically be a notepad of its own—just be even somewhat useful at all. To use a text expansion in Mail, you have to: leave mail; open TextExpander; type a bit; select the text; copy; switch back to mail; paste. So for a Thesaurus application to provide its services to Pages, Apple would have to specifically code Pages to work with the Thesaurus application, if installed, and provide a way to access it from within Pages.

Good luck getting Apple to be so cooperative. :wink:

Some of the word-processing apps I’ve reviewed in the “iPad as research/writing tool” thread have the ability to auto-suggest words, and one in fact has a thesaurus. See My Writing Nook in this entry: search.php?t=7588. That thread has become very long, but for iPad questions, it’s a good practice to start there and make a search, rather than start a new topic.


I looked there before posting but because it IS so long, it has become useless. I do not have the time to read through hundreds of posts, most of which have nothing to do with the conversation or what I am looking for. No offense, but that thread is simply too cluttered.