Will the final version have an integrated thesaurus? (And if there is one in there now, how do I access it?)



I don’t know if the mac version does? Would be a nifty feature.

The dictionary and thesaurus are external to Scrivener, but can be used from within the application. Mac OS X is supplied with a very usable and useful dictionary and thesaurus built in, to which Scrivener (Mac version) provides access via the right-click contextual menu and also through an option in the Edit menu. It is indeed a nifty feature.

Hmm. Too bad windows doesn’t have that. It would be really good if the Windows version provides an integrated thesaurus or at least way to link it to an external thesaurus program through a keyclick somehow.

Have a look at The Synonym Finder, by Rodale. A writer’s thesaurus. Enourmous.

A great option for this is Wordweb. It’s a free (depending on your travel habits) dictionary and thesaurus, and has great hotkey functions that work well in any program including scrivener. You can find it here: