Thing on the top disappeared :)

On top of the screen there are three little thingies you can slide back and forth to where you can set the lenght of lines, indent paragraphs. In my entire project it’s all fine, except for 4-5 pages where the third little thingie (on the right side of the text) has disappeared. When I compile the text, that means the lines go “outside” the screen in Word for this short part of my project.

Where did it go?

I have a lower and an upper thingie on the left. But I have no thingie on the right, as in other parts of the project.

That is the ruler.
You’ll find everything about it in section 15.7.1 of the manual.

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You can set the tabs and Indents via the Format menu. It seems the Right Indent has a high value and is far to the right.

With a second screen you might try making your window extra wide to make the right thingy appear again…

It’s at 15.5.1, actually.

2022-01-26 15_53_49-Window

We have different versions of the manual, then. (Ah. Yours is Windows.)

How to know if one has the most up-to-date one ?
Mine is 3.1.0

Yours is Windows and covers not as many features, perhaps?

But mine is 3.2.0.

I just downloaded 3.2.3, so we’re both out of date.

I just updated to revision 3.1.1
The ruler is still at 15.7.1
And logically, if it was due to the windows version covering less, the correspondence would be the other way around. I’d have a lower chapter number than you – not a higher one.

Good point! How does one update the manual, though? So that help points to the new one, that is.

That doesn’t do anything about the Help menu.

You have to move the new manual to your C:[…]Scrivener/resource folder, and then rename it from Scrivener_Manual-Win to Scrivener-Manual.

Yeah, I just figured that out for myself (in Mac terms), but thanks!

Am I understanding this correctly - when I call the Scrivener manual from the Help menu tab, it doesn’t show me the most recent unless I manually add it to the proper application support folder? I’ve just checked, and the manual I get is Revision 3.2.0, dated November 2020.

I know how to find the most up to date version on the website, but how do I update the manual available from within Scrivener? I’m on a Mac.

I created a topic for that:

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Thanks @drmajorbob, much appreciated

Thanks a lot, inital responders, fixed my problem.