Thinking of using the macOS 10.14 Mojave Beta? Read this.

If you are thinking of (or are) trying out the beta version of macOS 10.14 Mojave, please read this before posting here:

Blog post (5th June 2018): macOS 10.14 Mojave, Dark Mode, iOS 12, Scrivener and Scapple

If, after reading that, you need to post an issue in these forums, please make it clear that you are using the 10.14 beta (and remember any issues related to the macOS beta may not be fixed until shortly before 10.14’s official release).

ah yes, no wonder dark mode isn’t working in scrivener yet. fair enough. i should say haven’t had any problem with mojave and scrivener so far, BUT, if you do decide to run mojave don’t bug keith, he’s been very clear you do at your own risk!

I’ve noticed some minor graphical glitches: certain toolbar buttons draw darker; the pop-up buttons (e.g. for fonts) in the formatting bar do not draw their white background; the border drawn around edited cells in the outliner doesn’t draw properly.

Those are all on my list to fix (provided they are still there by about beta 3 - I always give it a good couple of developer betas before I start fixing bugs, because Apple fixes a lot in the early days). I haven’t noticed any functional issues yet, but will be putting in more testing soon, along with the dark mode stuff…

I am running Mojave on two Macs, and Kindle for Mac doesn’t work on either of them. This is an issue if you compile to one of the Kindle formats and instruct Scrivener to open Kindle when the compile is complete.

This is not a Scrivener issue. Just posting to forewarn anyone who wants to preview their Kindle books on Mojave, because, at the moment, that appears to be impossible to do. Best to deselect the option to open the compiled ebook automatically with Kindle.

So, customising toolbars in Mojave gets wiggly. Pick me! Pick me!


Apple loves its animations!

Kindle for Mac is a 32-bit app, which Mojave supposedly will not support. I’m on the 3rd public beta and I just loaded it, it runs fine for me.

Scrivener also runs fine for me on Mojave. I do run in dark mode and understand the only apps that really support it now are Apple apps.


Apple has announced that Mojave will support 32-bit apps. … t-support/

Kindle for Mac is working for me using the latest public beta of Mojave. Hope Amazon will release a 64-bit version before too long.

When using dark mode in the previous beta of Mojave, the Scrivener toolbar and compile interface were black and impenetrable. In the current beta, dark mode has no impact on Scrivener, and the toolbar and compile interface are now useable. I don’t know if that was universal or just limited to the MBP I am using…it has had a few odd graphical glitches, especially when installing OS updates (reported to Apple).

Slàinte mhòr.

A look at Scriven-noir.

And, a show of hands for Keith labeling Dark Mode in the menu as Scriven-noir?

I mean, we’ve got Text Tidying, don’t we?

I assume you edited the info.plist to allow Scrivener to enter Dark Mode? It will look a bit of a mess at the moment, seeing as most views are not set up to support Dark Mode. I’m deep in Dark Mode code right now!

I couldn’t get the plist hack to run (my bad, I expect).

With Scrivener closed, use the line below in Terminal, followed by a return. Scrivener opens automatically. Not persistent: just quit and restart Scrivener as normal. Don’t open a critical project, of course.

/Applications/ -NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance NO

Can I be a béta noir? [wheeze]

Slàinte mhòr.

Just an FYI, Scrivener won’t launch in the latest Mojave beta. It crashes every time I try to launch it. (Yes, I know it’s a beta OS.) :smiley:

FWIW, Scrivener 3 does launch for me on the latest Mojave beta (18A389).

Slàinte mhòr.

Interestingly, it also works on a new user account on my computer. :frowning:

Might want to wipe your Scrivener preferences in that case. I also like to turn off of the utilities I normally use, when working with a beta macOS. I’ll turn them back on one by one, and usually after waiting for any updates from the makers of them that specifically say they are ready to be tested on 10.14. Both of those things are stuff a new account wouldn’t have.

That worked, but it seems to be a specific project that crashes Scrivener every time I try to open it. Other projects work fine, but this one will crash Scrivener every time. :frowning:

Okay it probably worked in the sense that the one project wasn’t loading automatically in that case. You can probably restore your settings file if you wish, if you didn’t save the preferences beforehand.

As for the project, try this other checklist.

That worked! Thanks!

Great! I’ve had a few project UI files go south in 10.14 so far, and had to reset. I wouldn’t worry about it too much as the system UI itself is in such a state of transition with the whole Dark Mode aspect being added in. That has changed a large percentage of even simple things like buttons, under the hood.