Thinking outside the box...Is anyone using Scrivener as a Project Management Database?

Has anyone used Scrivener as a Project Management Database?

I’ve been looking for a solution to manage project documents, notes and emails with a way to compile a formated final summary once the project is completed. This way, I’d have one .pdf document for myself and others to refer to down the line instead of having to manually create a summary or having to hunt for project files.

I know Scrivener is built to be used by writers, however, I can’t find another solution which allows such control over how a document is compiled. Also, no other application can match the ease in which different pieces/types of information can be organized in Scrivener. I’ve tried using all the usual note apps such as One Note, Evernote, Apple Notes and Bear, but always come across limitations.

I’d love to hear the communities thoughts on using Scrivener as a Project Management Database.

Just remember that all those other snippets of information, if they end up in the Research part of the Binder they can’t be included in compile.

I didn’t realize that. Thanks.

Take a look at Devonthink Pro Office. It’ll really put hair on your chest. Several of the internal scripts will take care of most of your requests. :wink:

Another alternative is Curio.

I haven’t used Curio, but from what I’ve read about it, it looks as Scrivener can be used in a similar way.

That’s definitely a limitation, but isn’t that a limitation shared with other project managers, i.e. that there is no way to “compile” documents in different formats?

I’ve used both. Scrivener is of course best described as a writing tool. Curio is best described as an electronic whiteboard. (Given the harmonious way in which many macOS apps can work together, I prefer if I can to use “the tool for the task” - but maybe I’m just odd that way!)

Scrivener can, of course, be used in many ways that L&L never thought of when they made Scrivener, but like Hugh…

… I prefer to use specialized apps for the task they are designed for. If there is no good specialized app, then I might try to bend an existing app into an alternative use, or try to find an alternative use.

not just that “way” and not maybe.

I can’t believe Vic-k let this sit with no comment for so long…

For Scrivener 3, that’s no longer a limitation. You can include the entire contents of a document, no matter where in the binder it’s located using the <$include> tag. See section 10.1.5 in the Mac Scrivener manual to use it (if you have V3 for Mac) or to get a preview of what’s to come in V3 for Windows.

I think I walked into that one with my eyes closed… :smiley: