This Couldn't Possibly Be True...could it? … tting-less :open_mouth: :imp:

So why reduce the amount of ink in the cartridge? A regular black ink cartridge barely lasts me 100 sheets. The XL lasted about one ream of paper.

Honestly, it’s interesting to hear it explained, but it’s not new news. Printers are dirt cheap, because they’re gonna get you on the cost of ink. Yet, it would sound like the companies are making a killing, but they’re not. It says they’re getting killed by cheap imports, which means that they aren’t able to compete. Instead of being more efficient, however, they’ve decided to lock out their printers, which is a little shady.

Add to the above, a Which magazine report, highlighting the fact that the cost per sheet increases astronomically, for people who use their printer regularly, but for single copy, or very short runs, because of the amount of ink that is used by the printer, to clean its printing head(s), each time it’s switched on. :frowning:


About a half-century ago, Bernzomatic Corporation introduced an absolute guarantee on their propane torches: if anything goes wrong, send it back, and it will be replaced for free, no questions asked. Marketing folks had discovered that their real cash stream came, not from selling bits of metal tubing, but from selling cylinders full of propane.


I never understood why ink cartridge printers are so popular.
I use Brother laser printers, which are cheap and reliable.
And so am I, since I print only text and then quite rarely.
So a single laser cartridge may last me 4-5 years. … 85795.html

As it states in the cnet link, the Brother laser struggles with graphics, and as far as I can recall, since 1999, when I bought my second computer/first Mac, the received wisdom regarding printers, was: inkjet for graphics, and laser for text…'twould appear nothing has changed. :wink:

Inkjet is good for a color photo or 2 or printing a page or 2 or for large format jobs (larger than 11x17)

Laser is what you want for printouts that are 10 pages or more.

I use to work in the Printing industry. Inkjet printers are sold at a loss to get people to buy them. Then they rape you with supplies. Ink dries up, goes out, or the printer doesn’t work like it should usually if it does not recognize the inkjet cartridge. Print over 50 pages and it gets real expensive real quick. This also keeps the printing industry alive and the printing industry is where these companies really make their money. They don’t want consumer products eating at their production products profits.

The only cost effective area for inkjet is the large format area. (Color gets expensive when you go larger than 8.5x11 and gets real expensive once you go past 11x17). Or for the consumer that only wants to print a page or 2 every so often or print a color sheet or photo.