This is a forum upgrade?

Those three are on the toolbar for me, in the second group. For quoting you can just select the text you want to quote and click the button that pops up, too, even after you’ve started a response.

Right you are. Duh! Sometimes I’m selectively blinded.

Is there a way to use favorites (clicking the heart icon) as a bookmark, the way Twitter favorites can be used that way? Or is clicking the heart mainly a feel-good message to the writer of the post?



The heart is just a way of showing your appreciation for the post. That does help them out as earning positive responses to posts is what helps you “level up” (and so does giving them).

If you just want to flag something for your future reference though, that’s what the Bookmark button is for. You can bookmark an entire thread at the bottom, but individual posts can be marked as well. You need to click the “…” icon and once you do that you’ll see the bookmark icon.

These will be readily available from your main avatar menu in the top right.


Thanks for the fast reply, @amberv.

(Is it really 2 in the morning where you are?)


Come to think of it, you can review the posts you’ve “liked”, in your “Activity” feed (under the person shaped tab). So I guess you could use that like a kind of bookmark, but it’s a few extra steps to get there.

(Is it really 2 in the morning where you are?)

I have a rather unhinged schedule. :slight_smile:


Hi - Some of us were in habit of adding images and other attachments to our phpBB posts, and a few of us put some care into them. Are they gone for good? Clear we should have saved local copies of these images, but they obviously still exist in an offline archive. If a user’s attached PNGs were made available by PM, I’d take the time to add some of mine back to their threads.


No! All is not lost. All attachments and screenshots (with the exception some stored inline, we’ve noticed) carried over in the upgrade. However something went wrong in that when I ran the first migration sweep to bring in the bulk of the data, I did so while the forum was running under a temporary URL. The import settings allowed for one to anticipate for a “live” URL, and while that setting kept cross-references intact once the new URL went live, it unfortunately did not do so for attachment links.

I should have realised something was wrong, in other words, when all of the screenshots were working fine the first time I imported, because that is when they should have all been broken.

So anyway, there is a piecemeal measure wherein an admin or moderator (and maybe even you can run it yourself if you have edit permissions on the post; it would be in the ... button beneath the post) can “rebuild the HTML” of a post, which immediately fixes all of the broken URLs within it. I just did that for the macOS theme thread, for example.

That would be highly impractical on a global level though, post by post! So the main goal is run a global search and replace on the server side of things, which I believe should be possible, as I’ve found instructions for handling scenarios like this—though in that case where one switches their forum to a new domain and wants to deal with thousands of internal links in posts.

In the meanwhile, if you encounter an older topic you were meaning to link a user to, and notice a crucial screenshot is broken and cannot fix it, flag it for a moderator to look at.


brave man, Ioa, though guess it has to be done…best fortune, and have full backup as I know you will…

(the amount the unsung go out of their way for all…to be appreciated)

Very late to the party here, but my 65-year-old eyes like the font treatments herein far more than the ultra-lightweight look/feel of the pre-Discourse forum.

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But there is no “rebuild the HTML” option at “…”.

Many site switched to this software (forgot its name) and I actually never got really used to it. The design tries to be so subtle that it makes it hard read and navigate.
What really throws me off is the lack of pagination everywhere.

This and many other sites are based on markdown and HTML, neither of which have a page concept.

Familiarity aside, coming from the point of view of moderation and thread management, I’m happy to see pagination gone. It becomes a problem whenever a thread is so long that the official or most informative answers become buried in a way nobody ever sees them again, and long ongoing threads just turn into circular routines of people coming in and asking the same old questions over and over, and us having to link to the key responses over and over. I can hardly blame anyone for contributing to that problem, because when you have a thread that is 48 pages long, who is going to trundle all of that?

It’s true that long threads in general will always suffer that problem, but when you can just scroll through a conversation freely, the barrier is quite a bit less than loading 48 different web pages. Plus, you can much more easily filter by staff responses in the new forum. Try it here, click on the “May 18” link at the top of the timeline to get back to the top, then click on my avatar in the list of contributors. A flash card will pop up, and in the corner you can click a link showing my posts—and there you go, all of the official responses in one tidy list.


Goodness me. Pure sorcery

Honestly I can see this being a problem even without pagination. When a thread gets really long like this one, who’s going to read all 100+ responses before commenting?

Oh sure, there is always going to be a cap on usefulness once a thread gets beyond the point of what anyone will want to read through. My point though is that for most threads, hiding responses is worse for discovering good answers than having to scroll through them. If an answer is important, and we do want it to stick out, we can highlight it to help facilitate that—like I’ve done with this one.

Yeah that makes sense. May be the reason why sites like Reddit never have done pagination.

I know it’s not likely but have to ask––are there any forum software add-ons available that enable users to opt for a traditional experience (such as pagination)?

Edit to update:

Unless I’ve missed something in my search, no need to answer my question. Sorry for taking up space/time. I’ve found discussions in which at least one Discourse developer participated. Pagination is in fundamental opposition to the Discourse philosophy, it seems.

I’m not often here, and today is my first experience with the “new” forum. I love it. I needed an answer I could not find in the manual, gritted my teeth and searched the forum. First hit was exactly what I needed. At the very least, the search function works well. :heart_eyes: This has not been my experience with most user forums!