This is absolutely insane.

Have a day job? Write books under a pen name? A group of parents may find out anyway! … back-maam/

Are kids just sheltered these days, or what? I swear reading Flowers in the Attic was practically a rite of passage in middle school. Completely ridiculous that her writing would even be an issue.

She’ll probably end up doubling her sales :laughing:


The one parent was wondering what her son would think, when he was sitting in class? Based on the teens I’ve encountered: “BEST TEACHER EVER!!!”

I admit I’m not a fan of bodice-rippers, but I thought about picking up a couple of her books in support.

“Breaking news: Middle School teacher having sex in her off time! Parents concerned that public school teacher no longer effective due to students recoiling in horror that their ‘old’ teacher, age 33, would ever have sex.”

Sometimes, I want to strangle these parents and ‘concerned’ citizens.

I hear she keeps knives in her kitchen as well.

This has already been documented deeply in detail
What this teachers day job led the students to think!

Her students weighing in on the comment threads I’ve managed to read paint the picture of a teacher who’s difficult but good. I’m thinking it’s sour grapes and the teacher pissed off some parents, who thought their kids should’ve gotten a better grade.