This is driving me crazy---how do I move a document INTO a folder?

I haven’t had success searching for an answer to this. I know there must be a simple way to do this, but all the documentation talks about how to move around within an outline/binder, but not about how to move things into and out of folders.
When you drag on a document created outside of a folder, in edit mode, it won’t allow itself to be dragged into the folder.

When you hold down the document you get a properties list, but no way to move it…

Please let me know the secret!

Thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean by ‘folder’, that is not part of the Binder?

You don’t drag it. In the edit mode, you press the button showing a follder with an inward arrow at the bottom of the screen), and then, you select your destination folder.

There are two very easy ways:

  1. As odalage says, you can use the “Move to Folder” feature. Tap “Edit”, select the documents you wish to move, then tap the “Move to Folder” button in the footer (the folder with the arrow pointing into it). You can then choose a folder and the selected documents will be moved into it.

  2. Alternatively, in “Edit” mode again, select the documents you wish to move and tap the “Movement Mode” button in the footer (the cross with arrows at each point). You can then use the arrow buttons to move selected documents inside other documents and to move them around.

All the best,

Awesome…thanks for the detailed help here.
It looks like all options are well thought out and work well.