This may be obvious but...


  1. I read your pinned post re your updating policy/costs (ie minor upgrading is free, but major upgrades can only be discounted if NOT bought via the App Store - I hope that’s right) - can you confirm? But my real questions are:

  2. I wish to buy it to use on my (old) Mac Pro and my (old) MacBook. I know Mac OS and Mac iOS have to be bought separately - but does 1 OS purchase cover more than 1 computer if NOT bought from the App store?

  3. I believe it does cover you for more than 1 computer if you DO buy from the App store (if you could clarify that too, it’d be fab!)


Hi I’m only a happy user of Scrivener but I believe that the App store doesn’t allow discounts which is why that’s not possible.

However any Scrivener bought anywhere is allowed to be installed on as many computers/laptops with the same OS as you happen to own and use. The only thing you need to make sure to check for is that your old Macs are running an OS current enough for Scrivener 3 (which you can buy straight off if you haven’t already bought Scrivener) but you can still buy Scrivener 2.9 to run on them if not.

Edited to add: Major upgrades only happen rarely so if your OS systems will run Scrivener 3 and you buy that you’ve probably got some years before you have to worry about upgrading again.

iOS is a device OS, not a computer OS. Meaning the iOS version only runs on iPhone/iPad NOT on a computer.

That said, it works just like any other software… one purchase covers devices authorized to use your Apple Store ID.

Brilliant new. Thanks guys.

Re if my old Macs can handle Scriv3… Where will I find the relevant Scriv3 requirements info? (I know how to find my Mac’s)

On the Mac download page. You need OSX 10.12.

Remember that “requirements” are defined differently between platforms. Unless you have a very “high end app” like Adobe junk, most requirements will be stated as “requires OS version…” for apple products. Which means that all you will really see on the download page is “10.12”. So if you can run 10.12 and have it installed, you are good.

Arrgh. My Mac Pro is Mavericks (10.9.5) and the MacBook El Capitan (10.11.6) - so guess I’ll need to stick with version 2 then?


Not enoug information. A Mac Pro 3.1 or later can run OS 10.12 Sierra. Your Mac Book may or may not depending on the year and CPU.

You can look these up on EveryMac

I have been advised NOT to upgrade my MacBook or Mac Pro’s OSX any further (though I could possibly bring the Mac Pro up to El Capitain, the same as the MacBook, but this still is only 10.11.6, so no go on 3 for me.

However, when I go through the programme to the ‘Buy’ option, I couldn’t see a 2.9 - or any lower than 3… Where is this?

Ignore that last bit. I’ve downloaded 2.9, now buying 3 to pay for the license!

(Hope that’s right)

Seems to have got there - though I had to ditch the “MindVision” folder first.

All good - and happy. (Though a little sad I coulldn’t get the new shiny V3… Perhaps when I sell one of my scripts… :smiley: )

Yeah, to be clear we aren’t “selling version 2” anywhere. That wouldn’t be terribly responsible of us since there are never going to be any further updates made to that particular line of software. But we are selling version 3, and that serial works in 2.9, so if you’re in a spot where you can’t use v3 yet, that’s one way to go about it—in an “as-is” kind of purchase mindset. Once you can upgrade to 10.12, you’ll be all set to go.

Yeah. 2.9 with 3 serial now all seems to work fine. Only sad thing - my writing partner has V3, (with all the new features) and I can’t go through them with him. (We work remotely and via Skype).

Oh well - this time next year, Rodney…

Thanks everyone for all your help.