This Message is Ambiguous

Does this warning

refer to all preferences or just those in the current pane of the preferences dialog.

BTW, after taking this screenshot, Scrivener froze. I’m trying to figure out how to unfreeze it now.

You can force a hung application to quit with the ⌥⌘Esc shortcut.

As for the warning itself, yes that will reset everything in preferences to the default. I’m not sure what is ambiguous here, the theoretical specific wording here would be “This action will reset your Editing preferences to default…”, no?


My question was whether it would change the preferences in the Editing pane only (which is what I wanted) or also in the other tabs (General, Behavior, etc.).

Your point about the wording is correct, but I still think “Your preferences” could mean “Your preferences on this tab.” IOW, you might consider “This action will reset your preferences (for all the tabs) …” OSLT.

I was able to force quit, and Scrivener recovered without problems.