This must be telling us something...

…but what?

That apes all share the same dumb belief that if you be nice to a tiger while it’s cute and fluffy, it will always be your friend? :mrgreen:

[size=200]Cute picture![/size] [size=50]<-- See?[/size]

That good tigers get the milk but naughty tigers get the cage?

But what does it tell us about the ape…?

'ey up!! that a dead ringer for the ex-landlord of the ex-RED LION!! :open_mouth:

Mere D’Lucifer! Ces profondeurs.
Le D :imp:

Hmmmmm? Hmmm…Hm…HHmmmmmm? Hmmmmmmm. Hmmm? maybe…may be not…hm?

Look carefully at that tiger’s deflated little body. That is a RUG he is feeding. Ignorant ape. :unamused:

You’d look like a rug if you were stretched out on the floor, with some bloke feeding you Martini from a titty bottle! jeeez!! wot y’ like! :open_mouth:

I dare you to watch this