This page contains the following errors: error on line 68 at column 57: PCDATA invalid Char value 12

I am compiling a epub 3. When opening it up in ibooks I get the attached error.
It doesn’t exist in PDF. Any ideas how do I fix it? Is there a CSS snippet to insert?

Bump, I can’t figure this one out any help would be great!

It’s not really possible to say what’s wrong from the error message alone. To get a better sense of where the problem exists, I’d load the ePub file in an editor like Sigil or Calibre’s editor, and run verification on it. You should note you’ll get a bunch of CSS errors in Calibre’s editor at least, as it doesn’t yet correctly account for ePub 3 CSS formatting. You can ignore the “rem” errors, and look for this one. Once you pinpoint the location you should be able to trace it back to the source location in Scrivener and see what is going on there.

I’d try the Edit ▸ Text Tidying ▸ Zap Gremlins command on the section of text—it could be you have a bad Unicode character in there.