Those Here Who Use Screen Capture Software - What Do You Use, and Why?

Camtasia, OBS, Loom, Panpto, VSDC, Cyberlink, Flashback, StreamYard, Vmix, Riverside, Discord, Restream, Cyberlink, Filmora, Screencastomatic, ShareX?

Free, paid, a single programme/app or part of another suite or a live streaming app, or a video editor?

Subscription-based, or outright purchase?

What screen capture software do you use, and why?

What OS?

On Mac, for static screenshots, just the built in screenshot features. Has more than enough options.

For video, screen action, Screenflow, Snagit, Camtasia.

Built-in Mac screenshot feature (very simple and quick), Screenflow for video (very comprehensive, plenty of features). I have heard that Capto is good, but I have never tried it (though I have SetApp, and it is one of the programs on that).

Realy good

On Mac, I often use the video screen capture built into the QuickTime video player. After trimming it, I drop the QT file onto Gifski to build an animated GIF.

Thanks, RuffPub,
And, sorry, I should have said that I am on Windows.

Thanks, popcornflix.

Thanks, lunk.

What makes Screenflow really good? Can you give some comparisons to other screen capture programmes?

Thanks very much, mbbntu.

Screenflow is a bit like Scrivener for Screencasts. It is fairly easy to get going with and make simple videos with, but it also has a lot of really powerful tools if you want to make more sofisticated videos. iMovie, which is the built-in Apple app for making videos can be used for some videos but with Screenflow you can easily add greenscreen effects (chroma key) combine input from different videos, screens or cameras, etc.

Thanks very much for your reply and the info., lunk.