Three little dots

For some reason the button bar above keyboard now missing three little dots. They do appear when I slide from one set of buttons to another (strangely, on top now), then disappear.

iPhone 6s, latest iOS

Hmm, I haven’t seen that happen. Does the problem persist after restarting the software from the multitasking view? The other question I’d have is what version of iOS are you running.

Yes, it does persists, and it does so after the whole phone hard reset. I am running iOS 10.0.1 (the latest, like I said) since four days ago.
So far the problem seems to be strictly cosmetic and do not affect neither working of the buttons, nor re-programming them to do different things. When I slide the button set left or right, the buttons slide down a bit, showing the three-dot setindicator above (which still works correctly, the dark dot showing the proper set), then the buttons slide back up, covering it.
It may be just a coincidence, but it started to happen, after I closed the keyboard using the three-line-drawer handle in the middle (usually just tap “Done” on top), keyboard closed, but when I opened it again, it had no keyboard bar at all (as though I literally broke it with my fat finger). I checked the preferences, the keyboard bar was still checked to be shown, went back to the editor, and it was back, too, but without the dots.

Got it, I just heard from Keith that he found this one himself earlier. It has to do with the code for placement being slightly different in iOS 10, so the dots are falling outside of the area they can display. We should have that fixed soon.

I cant find anywhere on these forum pages to create a new questions topic thread. Any ideas? :smiley:

Click on a topic listing (for example the “Bug Hunt (iOS)” breadcrumb link above), rather than within a specific topic like right here, and then if you have permission to post in that section you should see a “New Topic” button at the top and bottom of the list. By the way there is also a forum FAQ that should cover most of the basics. Welcome to the board!

I have no doubts. The app is a gem, little bugs or not.

P. S. The keyboard bar today disappeared again at a random point, but going to the preferences and toggling it off-on summoned it back. The three dots are still hidden and misplaced. Just keeping track.