Thumbnail on MOBI ebook is placeholder image


I’m am trying to output to an ebook .mobi for Kindle. I imported a .jpg of my cover after deleting the MY NAME My Great Novel cover placeholder (and emptied the trash).

When I output my .mobi file and open it with Kindle App for Mac, the thumbnail for the Library is the Placeholder image and not my cover image. When I view the cover, it is my cover image.

I tried deleting the placeholder cover from the Kindle App cache, but no luck.

How do I ensure that my cover image is both the cover image and library thumbnail?

I’m using Scrivener 2.6 for Mac.

Thanks for your help

The two are one and the same, there is no separate file for the “bookshelf” thumbnail that gets used in the end-user reader programs and devices. Kindle Reader for the Mac is notorious for making a mess of thumbnails though, I’d try on a Kindle or the iOS app if you can. If what you see in the book when you flip back a page is correct, it’s probably fine though.

Thank you for the reply Amber.

Taking your cue, I deleted and reinstalled the Kindle App. This corrected the Thumbnail Issue. As best I could tell, Kindle was caching earlier versions of the cover and displaying it.

I wish there was a better way to reset the thumbnails in that program other than reinstalling it. :neutral_face: It feels like it is a bit worse now—perhaps on 10.10 their program doesn’t function as well as it used to (not that it was ever perfect in this regard), because you’re not the only one that has asked about this recently.