Tileable backgrounds.

This was asked once before, the response being ‘coming in v3’ only if it did I can’t find how to enable it.

Basically, to give my eyes a little more variety than simply swapping background colours in the main editor, is there or can there be a way of applying tiling textures such as ‘parchment’ or ‘handmade paper’ or even ‘lined paper’? As someone who is colourblind, being able to swap this regularly and on the fly helps me to look at the words on the page and not the scene as I remember it.

I understand this can be done in composer mode with transparencies, but I never us it and prefer the main editor.


It looks like that is only supported if you are using the fixed width editor. See File/Options/Appearance/Main Editor/Colors/Fixed Width Background, and click the Choose Texture button.

Thanks for the heads up - I’ll see how I get on with it - hopefully it will come to the main editor some day too.

Tried it, and it seems to only texturise the sides, not the full background.

Guess I need to see if this feature ever comes to S3. I do hope so as it makes things easier for me to write.