Time for a big upgrade

Let’s be honest guys, I have the latest version of Scrivener for Mac and I have had used this amazing writing program since day one but now, it is a different story…
It seems to me that the app is not as flawless as it was before, not even close.
For example: if I try to paste some text taken from some pages online it displays it in a very weird way while others writing processors do it just fine.
Not to talk about the simple scrolling some written page! Is it only me or it happens pretty often that while scrolling some entire lines of your page DISAPPEAR. They aren’t actually there. And they appear again only when you hit return or some other key.
Is it normal? no guys, it is scandalous. Considering that the app is pretty expensive and that I am using it on a recent machine such as MacBook Air m1.
Please, fix all the big and small issues with Scrivener 3.3.6 and give us a shining and free of issues Scrivener 4

Use Paste and Match Style. You won’t see weirdness.
You infected web-content could be the reason you’re having such an uncomfortable experience.
Others might suggest you Zap Gremlins. It’s a Mac thing, so I wouldn’t know where to direct you for that.
Scrivener is inexpensive, even where I live at an exchange rate close to 1:20.


I of course used Past and Match, uselessly.
The app has obviously some too many bugs. The scrolling one is another…
So many bugs that make it look really expensive…

Not really. I paid about $40 (-coupon, + taxes) seven years ago, receiving free updates and support since. That’s less than $6 per year (or 50 cents per month). I almost feel like a thief.

For $6 you get one month of a pretty famous office suite or an unnamed writing software starting with “U”. One. Month.

They call it “just one coffee”, I call it twelve times more expensive.


Depends primarily on the “Source”, more than the target. “Garbage in, Garbage out”.

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any app with a number of issues is automatically too expensive imho

You seem to have a gripe that no one else shares.
The forum is geared towards problem-solving.
You have stated an experience not common among Scrivener users.
How Scrivener 3 is causing you expense remain unqualified, like the rest of your posts.
You also seem to be soliciting news on Scrivener 4. Why? You’d have to pay for such an upgrade.

I suggest you unpack your challenges one at a time and see where that takes you.

Saying it’s raining today, and I don’t like it, is neither here nor there. No one really cares about such an opinion, unless they’re caught without an umbrella leaving the hairdresser.


Well, I am glad I am the only one to have the scrolling issue here… good for you.
I don’t know about hairdressers but my first post here is pretty clear, not too hard to understand it: I love the app and all I am asking for is to make it better, to get rid of those distracting glitches. The app even takes too long to start up, so long that I suspect it hasn’t been translated into M1 Silicon and still uses Rosetta. But, AGAIN, I love Scrivener, I do it so much that I am ready to pay for an upgrade. How long haven’t they released one…?

“Scrivener is now a Universal app, running natively on both Silicon and Intel machines.” (Scrivener 3.2.0, 16th November 2020) Whatever causes this loading time (likely a project automatically loading on startup?), it’s not that.


Thanks for the update.
No it is not any project uploading though

As others have said use Paste and Match Style or you can do

:green_apple: > System Settings > Keyboard > App Shortcuts

Then create an entry for Scrivener and set it up as

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 15.00.15

in other words swap the plain Paste keyboard shortcut for the Paste and Match Style one and vice versa. It works beatuifully. I’ve done this since the daya of my old MacBookPro (Intel) and more recently my Mac mini M1 and MacBookPro M1.


You’re welcome to open a support ticket, here:

Questions that we will ask include:

  • What version of Mac OS do you have?

  • How big is the project, and how large a document are you loading in one chunk?

  • For the paste issues, what is the source material?


This happens to me, too. Only one line, maybe two. After a brief freak out, I discovered that it reappears when I hit return or another key. Freak out ends and I just assume it is some Sonoma weirdness (I’ve got a list of Scrivener issues since Sonoma came out. I blame Apple.) I resume writing and life returns to what passes for me as normal.


There definitely are some known display issues with Sonoma.


It’s a kind of relief to realize that I am not going nuts. Thank you guys.

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I think tommasoavati got the idea!