Time in the Full Screen Project Target Window

Hi Keith,
I’m working on three novels right now using the Full Screen mode and think it’s wonderful. The improvements in 2.0 are amazing and it’s great to be able to write with minimum distraction but still make notes and keep an eye on the day’s target. What would be useful though, and I’m being picky here on an app which is damn near perfect, is if the Project Targets window could also show the time. Words left to write and time sort of go hand in hand. But as I say I’m being picky.

Thanks for all your incredible work.


Hi Mike,

You mean just the system time? That would seem kind of redundant seeing as you can just move the mouse to the top of the screen to see the menu bar with the time in it. Also, there is no such thing as a full screen project target window unless I am misunderstanding you - the project targets window is the same for full screen and normal mode. Having the time in it would be a little odd, I think, sorry.

The latest beta does allow you to set a date deadline, however, and can calculate how many words you need to write each day in order to meet it. Not quite what you are after, but useful nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

By the way, the persistent session progress bar is a really neat feature, so I don’t feel I have to keep the project open all day if I do a little work on my masterpiece during lunch at my day job and then continue in the evening. Is the session progress stored in the project, where it might one day be used by the Windows version when sharing a project via dropbox?

Glad you like it! Yes, it’s stored in the project, so eventually it will work across both platforms, but the Windows won’t support the new session options for a little while yet.
All the best,