Time of Save and zip backups

Here’s a mystery: not to you, so please can you explain how to solve it to me?

On my MBP the Finder includes the time along with the date of .scriv (and other) save and zip up file saves. On my MB I can only see the date. The time of the back up is incredibly useful, because otherwise I have to open Info for each one to know which was most recent. How can I get my MB to include the time of the save in the Finder?



Hi, click on the gear button in the Finder toolbar and select “Show View Options”. There you have a list of columns that can be displayed - make sure that “Date Modified” and optionally “Date Created” are checked.

Hope that helps.
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That’s the thing. They are clicked. I get ‘Yesterday’, ‘Today’, or a date (day/month/year), but no time on the MB, but I do on the MBP…

Have you tried just widening the column? In Finder, the date uses shorter formats the thinner the columns are. It chops off the time if there isn’t room for it.

Oh, bloody hell, what a fool. Thank you for your patience. Are you sure you don’t want me to join your programming team?

Thank you.