Timeline as keywords

In one of the various books on using Scrivener for writing fiction, there were instructions on how to use dates and times as keywords. You had to enter the date or time backwards in some way, as far as I remember - so that June 1 1999 would be 1999 1 6 - or something like that.

I can’t now find the reference; can anyone tell me how it’s done?

It’s Year Month Day. It doesn’t really matter whether you use YYYYMMDD or YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY-MM-DD as long as you always use leading zeroes and you always use the same format: that way you can sort on the keyword.



are all fine as long as you always use the same format, but


are always wrong because the sort order would be confused.

Your example of June 1 1999 should therefore be 19990601 or 1999/06/01 or 1999-06-01



Ah, thanks, David, that’s great. I can never for the life of me remember which order programmers use for dates, now that American and European date formats have become inextricably mixed up.

Your answer is absolutely brilliant.

I just enter Date: 1999/06/01 as my keyword for Blanche Takes the Subway, and Date: 1999/06/02 for Blanche Meets the Strange Man on the Subway, and they’ll appear in that order if I order them by the keyword Date?

Yes, that’s it.

The way to remember it is that it goes in reverse alphabetical order: Y then M then D…

Well, it does in English, anyway: it’s a rubbish mnemonic if French!

Oh, great tip! Thank you!