I would love the ability to make a timeline for my projects. With each point being a reference to a file or a file in itself. The outliner is great, but I want an individual file called “Timeline” and it links to a timeline image that I can add to or edit.

Hi Daniel,
Please do a search on this, as it has been requested (and discussed) many times before.

In short: it won’t be making an appearance in Scrivener, but there are several timeline apps you might like to try, plus Keith is looking at ways to integrate with Bee Doc’s timeline.

And I am currently writing a timeline app myself (there is a thread who’s last half is dedicated to ideas for that) to fill the gap in the current software (i.e. a timeline app specifically for writers). Please do contribute any ideas you have to that thread, as I am currently working on it and intend to have some betas etc. done in the next month or so.