TimeStory: timeline creation app for Mac

I was perusing the Mac App Store and found this: TimeStory

From their website it’s described as:

a Mac app for illustrating events on a timeline, designed to help you easily create plans and roadmaps, capture history, tell stories, and more.

I searched the L&L Forums and found nothing on this; anyone heard of it or use it? I’m not really in the market for a timeline app, I use Scapple for that and it suits my needs.

Haven’t used it.

One big thing that many writers need that many business-oriented timeline applications lack is support for historical and non-standard calendars.

Another nice-to-have is Scrivener integration.

So those are the two things I’d be looking for.

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Scrivener is mentioned nowhere on the site.

Aeon Timeline was written by a Scrivener user. I don’t have need of it myself, so I have not been tracking its development, but you should check it out, if you haven’t already. It also has some Scrivener integration.

(( But then you also say, rather surprisingly, you are not in the market for a timeline app. ))

Not that surprisingly. I said I use Scapple for timelines. They don’t appear as snazzy as those created by Aeon or Plotter but they work for me. Time I have, money, not so much.

I just shared this TimeStory thing just to see what people thought of it, if anything.

Fwiw I’ve been testing aeon Timeline and I love the ability to sync changes from timeline to scrivener and then back again. It is a bit pricey though

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I have debated getting it, since its heritage is in Scrivener. At $64.99USD, it’s pricey but perhaps with reason. I wouldn’t do the update subscription thingy; if I were to get it I’d just buy the updates as needed.

So far, I’m content to use Scapple. :blush: