Tinderbox now does timelines!

I’m sure the other TB users have received the notice from Mark Bernstein that a timeline feature has been added to version 5.6, but thought others might be interested too. I haven’t tried this new feature yet, but you can read more about it here:

eastgate.com/Tinderbox/updat … box56.html


That looks great too. Is there anything Tinderbox doesn’t do?

Looks good. Shame I have never managed to get my head round the Tinderbox demo. I keep looking, but the price tag is too high to risk on something that I can’t seem to “get”.

Michael Bywater’s example timeline made me laugh, though. “Lardy Windermere’s Fan”, indeed! Reminds me of when I was a technical author in the software industry, and I kept seeing my own examples cropping up elsewhere, unattributed. People reworded the text around the examples, but never seemed to bother with rejigging the example code. I started using personalised naming conventions and adding code comments that were unmistakably mine, just to see what happened – and was amazed to find that people still copied them verbatim. It always made me laugh to see someone using my name to identify a dataset (for example), or apparently populating their database with all my friends and relations. I never thought of including Lardy Windermere, though. :slight_smile:

The TB timeline is drag and drop simple. Working up a complicated example (multi bands) took about 10 minutes. And it’s flexible. Nothing like it.

Damn, I might have to break my “update Tb every other year” rule, this year. :wink: 5.6 looks fantastic all around.

Me too.


P.S. I recently stumbled across a magazine piece by Michael Bywater on “Dinner”, illustrated by multiple versions of Michael, well, dining… Might explain “Lardy Windermere”… :wink:

Eyes like a hawk. I saw “Lardy Windermere” as I sent off the screengrab & thought “Pooh, nobody will notice”.


I can’t blame the dinner piece either; didn’t get to eat even a crumb. I think it’s all my Inner Thin Dude struggling to escape.

(Who was it said “Outside every thin woman there’s a fat man trying to get in”?)

I’d pretend it was deliberate, if I were you! If only Oscar Wilde had chosen his titles with more care, he might have been famous for his food-and-fatness literary series – “Lardy Windermere’s Flan”, “Salami”, “Lord Arthur Savile’s Cream” and “The Portrait of Durian Grape”, for example. :wink:

Ha! :laughing:

Brian Gregory http://ortimes.org/2010/09/24/sample-new-or-scheduler// has just posted an interesting discussion of an operating-room scheduler based on Tinderbox timelines.