Tiny Christmas gift for someone :)

…as I happen to have been up before dawn; a good time actually, and looking on line after writing…

I just want to pass along this tip from our frinde, which will really help out if you have noticed sudden changes in where you are writing in an iPad with keyboard, or even deleting text that way.

With the Magic Keyboard’s fine touchpad especially, it’s very easy to have a thumb for example come down on the pad at some point in your sentence.

And then, ‘bing’, and you will be writing in a different place on the page. This of course will be not only in Scrivener, but you may particularly note it ther as it tends to happen in touch-typing a long stream, as we do there, making a story and so forth.

The answer is just attention – you can unlearn having your thumb in precarious proximity. The relief is very beneficial :slight_smile:

In relation, I should say that certain joint issues some of us may have with age can also make such problems, more often through unintended Carl or Shift touches by the palm, on regular keyboards as well as the slightly smaller and very otherwise very appreciated sensitify of the iPad Magic fellow.

Same great feeling fron learning the positioning discipline definitely applies…

Nice holidays, having then as you do :christmas_tree: