Tips for visually identifying current text documents

I’m using the split screen for revising my first version. In order to do this, I have two versions of the novel in the same Scrivener file. As I work through the novel, I keep advancing each and sometimes have to move back or forward to check my notes.

I know the back and forward arrows will take me to the file I’m currently editing, but I’ve taken to changing the text file (and sometimes folder) icon to provide a visual representation of where I need to be. So I can identify it at a glance.

(Right click > Change icon > select new icon or reset) isn’t a lot of work, but I was hoping to find shortcuts for this in the toolbar. There don’t seem to be any, so does anyone have any tips for ways to easily change the icon or another option I might use?


I was going to suggest using label colors with a setting to show the color in the binder icons, but there doesn’t appear to be a menu option for that.

Whereas there is a menu for changing the currently selected document/folder’s icon. Documents->Change Icon->[icon name or folders with more icon names]

You can assign a keyboard shortcut to a few of these, if you use the same ones frequently.

Here are some tips for setting up custom keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks for the ideas. I’ll play around and see what I can do.

I’ll also add this to the wish list forum. Would be nice to have the option of adding some buttons for these on the toolbar or even just a single “current” tag that would highlight the specific file. I’m a big fan of visual cues and would really like this as an option.

Right-clicking directly on the binder icon will just bring up the menu of icons, so that will bypass some mousing. Also if you’re reusing the same icon to mark your place, it should show up at the top of the list under “Recent”.

In the situation where you have done a split screen with two different documents and then removed it to a single screen, if you want to have the current document highlighted in the binder, click on the little document icon in the toolbar just before the document title. A drop down menu appears and there’s a command ‘Reveal in Binder’. From that menu you can also see the current path of the document in the binder. It took me a while to discover this but now I find it incredibly useful.

… and CMD-OPT-r is the keyboard shortcut for revealing in binder, which is handy if you need the function frequently.