Title Case (capitalization style)

I’m told that earlier versions of Scrivener had an option, Edit/Transformations/Title Case that converted text to “title case” — capitalizing some words, not others, in the standard way applied to book titles. I can’t find that in Scrivener 3.

Did you intend to eliminate it? Am I looking in all the wrong places?


Capitalize equates to Title Case:

Edit > Transformations > Capitalize

Don’t think it has ever distinguished types of words, so all first letters are transformed.

Slàinte mhòr.

Also, if you opt to use the Format Designer at Compile, see Title Options, Sec. 24.2.4 of the manual.

There is such a thing as Title Case as a style for capitalization.


Yes, title case exists, but not in Scrivener as a transformation, and not in CSS as linked above (it can only do capitalisation, just as Scrivener can).

Pages can do title case pretty well, so if you have a lot of text to transform, a copy and paste round trip to and from Pages can be helpful.

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