Title Page Defaults

This is probably the most stupid question posted … but –

When I start a new project, Scrivener formats a title page with my name backwards.

I have looked everywhere and can’t find where I can change the Title page default.

oy. :unamused:

Thanks for any help.

The template takes your name from Address Book, so check how your first and last name are entered there. It’s also possible the template you’re using has the names ordered in reverse. You can check by creating a new project with the template and holding the option key when you click “choose” in the start panel to select the save location for the new project. When the project opens, it should show you the template tags instead of having them filled out. They’re fairly self-explanatory: <$template_firstName>, <$template_lastName>, and <$template_fullName>. If the template isn’t set up how you want it, just fix it (you can get a full list of the placeholder tags under the Help menu) and then choose Files>Save As Template… to make a new template for future use.

Thank you.

The template said --full name–. It was my Address Book entry – which I don’t remember making for myself. :blush:

This reminded me of when I first changed to Macs. The only problem I had then was my determination to make the simple complex. :unamused:

Thanks for your help.



:laughing: :laughing:
My human does that all the time. :wink: