Title page woes

I am using Scrivener for Windows.

When I compile my manuscript for pdf, the title page comes up as
Your name
Your address
Your phone
Your email
Your agent’s
Your agent’s
^$wc100> words.
by ^$fullname>

Of course, I want to remove some of this, substitute info for the defaults.

I have set Project Properties in Meta data settings to no avail. Although the information I need must be somewhere, I can find no reference to this in the Forum, in the Manual – anywhere.

My mother used to tell me – and my wife now tells me I couldn’t find the barn when I’m in it.

Where/How do I manage this? And don’t tell me it’s in the barn.

Maybe I should have called it the cover page?

You’re compiling a novel manuscript to PDF, using the default-supplied document ‘Title Page’ which is in the Front Matter folder – is that right?

Checking the obvious first (apologies if you already know this…) you simply amend Your Name, Your Address etc in that document before you compile it — there is no automatic substitution of variables on compilation UNLESS you see text such as


Those (and those alone) will be filled in at compilation time — everything else is for you to amend or delete as you see fit before compilation takes place.

However, in your post, the variables you show

^$wc100> words.
by ^$fullname>

are not correctly formatted – the ^ (in red) is wrong and should be <. So that will be why they’re not being substituted I would imagine. They should read:

<$wc100> words.
by <$fullname>

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your detailed reply, brookter. Thanks to your comments, I finally discovered that I needed to look for the Front Matter folder, and there I found the items I can alter for my needs.

Now I just have to find the list of shortcodes. I seem to remember seeing it somewhere. I just have to remember where that was.

This is not exactly intuitive.

Some codes are mentioned inside this sticky thread:

and the full list is available within the manual I believe.

I have bookmarked the link. Thanks, tiho_d.

Glad it helped.

BTW if you want help on the Placeholder Tags list, have a look at the Help menu – on the Mac at least the complete list can be accessed from there.

Brookter, for what reason I know not, the list you refer to is not accessible via the Windows Help Menu.

After metiiculous search of the Scrivener manual, I found a few codes referenced in Table 23.3 on page 272. Then I finally found the mother lode: a complete list appears in appendix D, called Placeholder codes.

Perhaps in a future edition, the codes could be referenced in the text of the manual in the compile section.