Title that allows no indent and first word caps

I’ve tried this a number of ways but still can’t get it to work the way I want it to. It helps if I can put the title of the chapter I’m working on at the top of my document when working in Scrivener. But on compile, this gets treated as text so the first line of my chapter does not get indented and the first five words do not get capitalized. I’ve tried using the option to “remove after other elements” but it doesn’t work. I hope the attached PDF illustrates my problem.

Isn’t the document title always at the top of the screen anyway?

At the end of the post is a Scrivenings mode screenshot.

The title is displayed three times for the document where the cursor is. #1 is shown only in scrivenings mode and only if the option is turned on at Text Editing>Show Titles in Scrivenings. #2 doesn’t always correspond to the document selected in scrivenings mode, but it does in document mode unless the Binder is hidden. I don’t know how to turn off #3 (if it’s even possible).

In document mode, #1 and #3 are shown.

I would not put titles in the text if I were you. At the link is a description of my Compile workflow.



Thanks, Bob. I will get used to checking the title at the top left.

I note in your example that your binder items have various colors. Is that a feature in Scrivener, or did you add them in the screenshot? I’d like an easier way to identify the text I’m working on and color would be helpful.

View → Use Label Color In allows you to display an item’s Label color, if any, in a number of places including the Binder.