Titled Snapshots— how to include sub-sections?

I’m taking titled Snapshots (Documents -> snapshots -> take titled snapshots of selected documents) but when I select all the documents in a folder the snapshots don’t include the sub-documents. How to include these without having to expand each sub-section first ?

You have to expand the folder hierarchy first. Don’t forget ⌘9 instantly expands all subfolders and you can then shift-select easily (mouse or keyboard), then do your ⇧⌘5 to trigger the named snapshot.

Perhaps a better trick is to use a Collection, the collection is always linear and a ⌘A selects only what is in the collection so it may simplify the selection a bit. If you are really fancy you can add a key binding to the Collection (in system Preferences). Then you can only use 3 key commands to switch to collection, select all then make named snapshot, and this can of course be automated with Quicksilver or some other tool.

This thread may have some more context: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=33152&p=207911

Thanks. Great Idea