Titles above the border

Is it possible to put a title above the border on the Scapple page?
Title here
| Note here |
| And Here |


You can have a note without border…

Based on my experimentation so far, I don’t think you can actually put a title on a note, but you can create a set of notes, then drop them all into a box as a collection. You might be able to create some borderless note within that box and change the font so it can basically become a title.

I’ve had trouble, however, getting notes to stick within a container box. I know it’s something I’m not doing correctly. I created a box, and then I dropped a few notes into it. When I moved the box surrounding the notes, the box moved, but the notes didn’t. If you’ve already got that little trick mastered, it might suffice as a workaround for your idea.

Did you set the surroudubg shape to Magnetic?