To Do List

This might be one of those stupid questions and the facility I am about to ask for might already exist. But…I would find a ‘to do’ list in Scrivener really useful.

Quite often I write something but can’t recall the factual data I need to validate what I am writing. I normally highlight the words I have written and then search through the text looking for ‘yellow blobs’. It would be great if I could mark the text with some kind of link.

Also, when I am in one part of my document, I think of something I would like to put in another part of the document and so a ‘to do’ list would be really useful.

Apologies if the facilities I have described above already exist.


You can use either inline annotations or comments to mark text you want to return to. For instance, I’ll create an annotation simply saying “Source” if I need to check the source of a particular statement. Annotations create a bubble around the marked text; Comments create a footnote-like link from the Inspector to the relevant text.

Depending on your needs, you could use Document Notes or Bookmarks to store notes relevant to specific documents. Or, you could capture everything in the Scratchpad and sort out the specific document it belongs to later.


Very many thanks for the most helpful reply Katherine.

Best wishes