TOC creating duplication

My Table of Contents is creating duplicate sections in my TOC and I don’t know what to do.

My book has 32 chapters and after each chapter is a short vignette. For some reason Chapter 18 and Chapter 19 and their respective vignettes are appearing like this on my TOC.

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

All of the chapters prior to 18 and after 20 only show ONE Vignette as they are supposed to. I don’t know what to do to get rid of the blank vignette.

Any suggestions? When I compile and click the link to the duplicate vignette, it goes to a blank page.


Try using the “Show Invisibles” menu item, and then see if those vignettes have any page breaks embedded in them. Also look at the “page break before” check mark in the Contents pane of compile – the offending vignette documents should have the same setting as the ones that don’t have this issue.

Ebooks use page breaks as a way to determining a ToC entry; I’m assuming you’re seeing this in an ebook output, rather than a PDF or other format.

Thank you so much for your answer!!! It totally fixed my problem!! You rock!